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SYNONYMS: coarse, gross, indelicate, vulgar, obscene, ribald.
These adjectives apply to what is offensive to accepted standards of decency, propriety, morality, or good taste.

Coarse implies roughness and crudeness: A stand-up comedian performed a coarse imitation of the President.
Gross suggests a lack of refinement verging on brutishness: You can expect a hungry and squalid population to be violent and gross.
Indelicate implies a lack of delicacy, tact, or taste: She bridled at the indelicate suggestion.
Vulgar emphasizes impropriety and suggests boorishness and poor breeding: The movie has language so vulgar it should have been edited.
Obscene strongly stresses loathsome lewdness and indecency: The book is racy rather than obscene.
Ribald implies vulgar, coarse, off-color language or behavior that provokes mirth: Peals of laughter were mingled with loud ribald jokes.

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