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SYNONYMS: confirm, corroborate, substantiate, authenticate, validate, verify.
These verbs all mean to affirm the truth, accuracy, or genuineness of something.

Confirm generally implies removal of all doubt about something considered uncertain or tentative: We must never make experiments to confirm our ideas, but simply to control them.
Corroborate refers to strengthening or supporting something, such as a statement, by means of the evidence of another: The witness corroborated the testimony.
To substantiate is to establish something by presenting substantial or tangible evidence: one of the most fully substantiated of historical facts
Authenticate implies the removal of doubt about the genuineness of something by the act of an authority or the testimony of an expert: The museum made the mistake of accepting the painting before it had been authenticated.
Validate usually implies formal action taken to give legal force to something: validate (a deed of sale) but can also refer to establishing the validity of something, such as a theory, claim, or judgment (The divorce validated my parents' original objection to the marriage).
Verify implies proving by comparison with an original or with established fact: The bank refused to cash the check until the signature was verified.

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