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SYNONYMS: conspiracy, plot, machination, collusion, intrigue, cabal.
Each of these nouns denotes a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end.

Conspiracy refers to such a plan by a group intent usually on a treacherous purpose: Several generals formed a conspiracy to overthrow the government.
Plot stresses sinister means and motives but may be small or large in number of participants and scope: Several financiers joined the plot to take over the company.
Machination, usually in the plural, strongly implies crafty, underhand dealing: the devious machinations of CIA operatives.
Collusion is secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose: If it had not been for collusion between criminals and a few corrupt police officers, the drug ring would have been exposed long ago.
Intrigue denotes a complex clandestine scheme; usually it implies selfish, petty actions rather than criminal ends: Political intrigue prevented her from becoming her party's candidate.
Cabal refers to a conspiratorial group whose actions usually are directed against a government or political leader: The cabal against Washington found supporters exclusively in the north.

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