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SYNONYMS: . infinite, limitless, illimitable, boundless, measureless, eternal, innumerable, numberless, countless.
These adjectives are applicable to what does not have known limits or boundaries.

Infinite, the most inclusive, refers to what has no limits with respect to quantity, extent, time, or degree and is therefore indeterminate. In usage it is applied most often to what is large beyond measure. There are infinite possibilities.
Limitless, illimitable, boundless and measureless refer principally to what either physically or figuratively, has no known limits in extent, size, or quantity; the limitless reaches of outer space; boundless opportunities.
Eternal indicates the absence of limits in time; it applies to what has no known beginning and presumably no end, and is everlasting. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and your will have eternal life.
Innumerable, numberless, and countless refer to quantity beyond reckoning. There are innumerable stars. The grains of sand on the beach are countless. The fish in the oceans are numberless.

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