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SYNONYMS: nullify, negate, abolish, annul, void, invalidate, abrogate, cancel, repeal, revoke, rescind.
These verbs relate to doing away or ignoring unwarranted items.

Nullify and negate, as compared here, both indicate reduction to ineffectiveness. The win was nullified because of drug use. The pass was negated
Abolish goes further and stresses complete removal. They abolished segregation.
Annul and void are general terms indicating deprivation of effectiveness or validity. The marriage was annulled. His licence was voided.
Invalidate is also applied to action that destroys effectiveness or validity, but it is narrower in that it implies a specific cause; a contract maybe invalidated by faulty execution or by lack of fulfillment of a single term.
Abrogate applied to treaties or other formal agreements, stresses executive action that terminates. The council abrogated the agreement.
Cancel has the same force as the preceding term, but is applied to more commonplace agreements, such as contracts, leases, and deeds. The lease was cancelled.
Repeal is usually confined to a legislative act that terminates existing legislation. Prohibition was repealed after a few years.
Revoke and rescind involve the taking back by executive action of a previous grant of privilege or power. The war powers act has been revoked. He rescinded the permit.

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