Evaluation of Subtle Differences of 426 Selected Sets of Synonyms -- A Total of 2307 Synonym Words - Page 21
This is a list of some selected words and how their synonyms differ in their meaning.
  1. mind, intellect, intelligence, brain, wit, reason. These nouns denote the faculty of thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge.
  2. mix, blend, mingle, coalesce, merge, amalgamate, fuse. These verbs mean to put into or come together in one mass so that constituent parts or elements are diffused or commingled.
  3. mood, humor, temper. These nouns refer to a temporary state of mind or feeling.
  4. moment, instant, minute, second, jiffy, flash. These nouns denote a brief interval of time.
  5. moral, ethical, virtuous, righteous. These adjectives mean in accord with principles or rules of right or good conduct.
  6. moving, stirring, poignant, touching, pathetic, affecting. These adjectives mean arousing or capable of arousing deep, usually somber emotion.
  7. multitude, host, legion, army. These nouns all denote a very great number of people or things.
  8. musical comedy, revue, operetta, light opera, vaudeville. A musical comedy differs from a revue principally in having a plot. comedy
  9. naïve, simple, ingenuous, unsophisticated, natural, unaffected, guileless, artless. These adjectives mean free from guile, cunning, or sham.
  10. name, designation, denomination, title. These nouns all denote the word or words by which someone or something is called and identified.
  11. nation, state, commonwealth, country, land, people, race, folk. Nation primarily signifies a political body rather than a physical territory ---the citizens united under one independent government, without close regard for their origins; secondarily it denotes institutional ties, a community of economic and cultural interests.
  12. native, indigenous, endemic, aboriginal. These adjectives mean of, belonging to, or connected with a specific place or country by virtue of birth or origin.
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