Chairman Mao's Little Red Book

Documents Needed in China

27. Chairman Mao's Little Red Book

During the Great Cultural Revolution hundreds of millions of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book were published. This is a rare copy. Many hundreds of millions have disappeared or have been thrown away. We got one to keep as a souvenir. It also has a Red Stamp to show it is an official copy. This copy is in English (even Rarer). We also have a Chinese copy. Note that Mao Zedong's name is spelled in the old English style. Known as the Wade/Giles system of English translation. Today the official translation used in Pinyin. In my Web Site under Chinese Culture we have a guide to Pinyin use. It will be good to study this and learn it so you can more easily pronounce Chinese names and places. For example Xinzheng (in Pinyin) is pronounced Sheen-Jung. In the old Wade/Giles Chongqing was spelled Chunking, Nanjing was spelled Nanking. Many old maps use the old spelling. Some older maps also use the Japanese names of cities.

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