Bernice on Train to Zigong 1988 Trip to City of Zigong, Sichuan
14. Bernice on Train to Zigong (Hard Seat)

On January 2, 1988, our boss, Boss Yang treated us to a trip to Zigong in Sichuan Province. It is south of Chengdu on the way to Chongqing. We took the train on this trip. Because it was a short trip we traveled by "hard seat." This is the cheapest form of rail travel. It is not recommended for long trips. On longer trips we travel by hard bed or by soft seat. Soft bed is too expensive. Bernice is wearing the purple coat and walking down the aisle. At the end of the car is a coal-fired furnace for heat and a source of hot water. We often take food with us to eat on the train. Boss Yang sent a student with us on this trip to escort us and help us with food and hotels. He also has furnished all the money. At times Boss Yang was most generous and at times the opposite.

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