We Have Dinner on Train to Zigong 1988 Trip to City of Zigong, Sichuan
15. Dining Car on Train - Chengdu to Zigong

Seen here with Bernice and me is Chai Jinchun. We gave him the English name of Julius. He is a Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineer for the Northwest Institute of Railway Science located in Lanzhou in Gansu Province. He was studying at our language study school in Chengdu. He was a good friend and his English was fairly good. He took good and careful care of us on the trip. He has arranged for the dining car crew to prepare a banquet for us after the dining car has completed serving the regular dinner. He gave them money to buy food for our dinner at some stops the train made on the way. We are having a leisurely dinner. As you can see by our clothes it is still somewhat cold but the train has some heat from coal furnaces on each car.

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