Lin Biao -- On the Preparation for the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution - Page 9

As Chairman Mao pointed out in his talk in February 1967: In the past we waged struggles in rural areas, in factories, in the cultural field. and we carried out he socialist education movement. But all this failed to solve the problem because we did not find a form, a method, to arouse the broad masses to expose the broad masses to expose our dark aspect openly, in an all-round way and from below.

Now we have found this form -- it is the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. It is only by arousing the masses in their hundreds of millions to air their views Freely, write big-character posters and hold great debates that renegades, enemy agents and capitalist-roaders in power who have wormed their way into the Party can be exposed and their plots to restore capitalism smashed.

It was precisely with the participation of the broad masses in the examination of Liu Shao-chi's case that his true features and an old-line counter-revolutionary, renegade, hidden traitor and scab were brought to light.

The Enlarged Twelfth Plenary Session if the Eighth Central Committee of the Party decided to dismiss Liu Shao-chi from all posts both inside and outside the Party and to expel him from the Party once and for all. This was a great victory for the hundreds of millions of the people. On the basis of the theory of continuing the revolution under the dictator of the proletariat, our great leader Chairman Mao has personally initiated and led he Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. This is indeed "absolutely necessary and most timely" and it is a new and great contribution to the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism.

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