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Minorities at the Yunnan World's Exposition in 1999
Minorities at the Yunnan World's Exposition in 1999

In the 1953 census 41 minority nationalities were specified. In the 1964 census, there were 183 nationalities registered, among which the government recognized only 54. Of the remaining 129 nationalities, 74 were considered to be part of the officially recognized 54, while 23 were classified as "other nationalities" and the remaining 32 were classified as "indeterminate."

Based on the total number of births, total number of deaths, net migration rates, and the population of 2013, the current population of the People's Republic of China is estimated to be about 1,390,510,630. China's population makes up around 19.3% of the world's population. The current estimated population indicates a growth of 36,510,630 people or a population growth of 2.7% during 2013.

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