51. Chinese Nationalities (Oroqen Minority) -- Minorities by Descending Populations

Oroqen Men Oroqen Ladies Oroqen Horseman
Oroqen Men Oroqen Ladies Oroqen Horseman

Oroqen Nationality (Oroqen)

Traditionally, the Oroqen minority lives the nomadic life of forest hunters. Recent estimates put their numbers at about 4,000, scattered over the vast area of northwestern Heilongjiang and inner Mongolia. Their traditional tent, called a xianrenzhu, is covered with birch bark in the summer and deerskin in the winter. Hunting as well as raising reindeer is still their main activities. A major source of income is deer hunting since the deer embryo, antlers, penis and tail are highly prized in Chinese medicine.

Only in the last 25 years have the Oroqen begun giving up their birch-bark and hide tents of migrant hunters for a more settled life. They still hunt, but also breed deer, tend flocks, warehouses, barns, and pens. They are part of the Altaic Tungus-Manchu ethno linguistic group.

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