26. Chinese Nationalities (Sui Minority) -- Minorities by Descending Populations

Sui Lady Sui Village in Yunnan Grand Dragon Boat in the Sui Dynasty
Sui Lady Sui Village in Yunnan Grand Dragon Boat in the Sui Dynasty

Sui Nationality

The majority of the Sui dwell on the upper reaches of the Longjiang and Duliu rivers that meander across the plains and rolling land interspersed with vast expanses of forests in southern Guizhou Province. Others also can be found in the Guangxi Autonomous Region. The areas in which the Shuis live are lands of plenty, abounding in fish and rice. Wheat, rape, ramie are also grown, besides a great variety of citrus and other fruits. The forests are a source of timber and medicinal herbs. According to Sui tradition, guests should drink a bowl of wine before entering the village. The Sui people are all good dancers. At feasts of the Sui people, the tables are covered with delicious food, yet each guest is provided with only one chopstick. Anyone who wants to get the other one must sing "The chopstick Song" with the host.

About 4,000 Sui people live in Yunnan, mainly residing in the Huangnihe Administrative District of Fuyuan County, the Administrative District of Dahe and Long'an in Yiliang County. These Sui, as they migrated into Yunnan a long time ago have separated themselves from the Shui's in Guizhou. Their language and customs have become different from the Shuis in Guizhou. They have adopted a culture and customs somewhat similar to that of the Buyis.

The Sui have a language close to that of the Dong. Most are nature worshippers, but some are Catholics. They are part of the Sino-Tibetan Thai ethno linguistic group.

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