Zhang He - 29

Zhang He Number 29

Opera "Changban Slope"

Zhang He with a crimson pointed three-tile face was one of Caocao's best generals but could not stop Zhao Yun in the opera "Changban Slope." Zhang He was a bold and skillful warrior. In the closing years of the Eastern Han Dynasty, as a volunteer, Zhang He joined Han Fu's army to suppress the Yellow Scarves Rebellion. Then he took the post of a Commander under Han Fu. When Han Fu surrendered his region Jizhou to Yuan Shao, Zhang He offered his service to Yuan Shao. Under Yuan Shao, he became one of his top generals. He was very active in the campaign against Gongsun Zan. Yuan Shao won many battles thanks to his outstanding performance against Gongsun Zan, and he took the post of Imperial Corps Commander.

In the Battle at Guandu, Zhang He was active as one of Yuan Shao's commander. At the first battle, he dueled Zhang Liao with no advantage to either side. Then after they failed to raid Cao Cao's camp, Zhang He together with Gao Lan, were forced to turn over to Cao Cao by Guo Tu, who feared that they would return and testify about his mistake. Under Cao Cao, Zhang He led the way and made the first attack on Yuan Shao's camp and was victorious. He accompanied Cao Cao in the further pacification of the North. He participated in almost every major battles, was victorious in many battles and also he was active in the Battle at Chibi. He helped Cao Cao escaped by protecting the rear after the lost at Chibi.

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