Location of Hebei in China
Hebei Province
Rank 12 - Per Capita GDP $6,482

There were several changes which happened in the region around Chengde, also part of the Rehe state and the region around Zhangjuakou, then a part of the Chahar state. These were later united into Hebei and broadened its region beyond north of the Great Wall of China. During those time, the capital moved from Tianjin for a short period to Shijiazhuang. The most painful earthquake hit Tangshan on 28th July 1976. It killed over 240000 people. Several small scale earthquakes struck the city in the coming years. Hebei Province has a continental monsoon climate and the temperature during January varies from -16° Celsius to -3° Celsius and in July between 20° Celsius - 27° Celsius. It mostly rains in the summer months with about 400mm to 800mm a year.