Location of Jiangxi in China
Jiangxi Province
Rank 26 - Per Capita GDP $5,913

Jiangxi Province was the original base of the Communists and as soon the Qing Dynasty lost power, the Communists started recruiting many peasants to expand the people's revolution. On August 1, 1927, it was in Jiangxi Province that the Nanchang Uprising took place at the time of the Civil War in China. When the Kuomintang's government attempted to eradicate the communists, its leaders went into the mountains of Western and Southern Jiangxi province into hiding. The Chinese Soviet Republic's government was formed in 1931 and established itself in the city of Ruijin, which is still known as the "Former Red Capital." In the year 1935, the communist came out of hiding and in the open and they began the "Long March to Yan'an."