LST Offloading 581st Signal Co. at Inchon
5. LSTs Offloading at Inchon

The people that organize an invasion have great insight as to what will be needed at what time. Here four LSTs offload men and equipment on to the beach at Inchon. The 3rd Battalion of the 5th Marines assaulted Wolmi-do. The 1st and 2nd Battalions who had been yanked out of the Pusan perimeter just 10 days earlier got the task of assaulting Red and Blue Beaches. Four Cruisers and six Destroyers poured fire on the town. Casualties for the first two days consisted of 22 KIA, 2 DOW, 2 MIA, 196 WIA, with total battle casualties of 222. POWs captured 300, Enemy casualties 1,350. The picture shows four LSTs unloading equipment on D-plus-2. Note that they sit firmly stuck in mud. The mud flats extend far out into the harbor.

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