Fox Hill at Toktong Pass

Epic of Fox Hill -- Page 1

By PFC Donald L. Childs, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, F/2/7 US Marines

This is the first detailed account of the battle by one of the men who fought there.

The road from Hagaru to Yudami-ni climbs from the tableland at the foot of the Chosin Reservoir and winds its way up to 4,000-foot Toktong Pass. Descending through gloomy gorges, it finally reaches a broad valley leading to Yudam-ni, where roads branch off to the north, west, and south from a western arm of the Reservoir. Fox Hill controls the road through Toktong Pass. The Marines must take and hold Fox Hill to allow the 5th and 7th Regiments to reach Hagaru. And if 1st Regiment wants to survive at Hagaru and then breakout to the south they need the help of the 5th and 7th. The plan of the CCF is to isolate the three regiments and then piecemeal destroy each of the isolated groups at Yudam-ni, Hagaru, Koto-ri and Chinhung-ni.

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