Epic of Fox Hill -- Page 2

By PFC Donald L. Childs, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, F/2/7 US Marines

The rugged and dependable M5 trucks of the 11th Marines with seasoned drivers roared in defiance of the steep grades as they clawed their way toward Toktong Pass carrying their regular load of ammo, food, and supplies. On top of that load rode a grateful rifle company, the men, weapons, packs, and support items. This taxi service was made possible by Fox Company Artillery F.O. Lt. Donald Campbell and was happily accepted by Capt. Barber's men who had not looked forward to the march up the icy road.

Upon arrival at the hill overlooking the pass, no time was lost in establishing the company perimeter. The digging-in was to last into the night as every man hacked and chipped at the frozen ground in an effort to get the best position possible and some protection from the twenty below zero bone chilling cold. The CP had been established at two small huts near the road. A small spring trickled water from the hillside a few yards away. The company jeeps were parked close in. Fox Company had arrived at Fox Hill.

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