General Nie Fengzhi Chinese Military Leaders During the Korean War
3. Lieutenant General Nie Fengzhi

Background and History Born in Hubei Province in 1913 and died in 1992.

Activities in Korean War Commander of the 27th Army of the PLA 3rd field Army of the PLA 9th Army Group. They were engaged with the 1st Marine Division at the Chosin Reservoir in November-December 1950. The 27th Army consisted of:

79th Division,     80th Division,     81st Division,     90th Division.

The 9th Army Group began moving into Korea on November 5th. After the 20th CCF Army had moved into Korea, the 27th CCF Army followed, moving east to Changjin town and covered the road north. They ordered the 79th Division to attack Yudam-ni from the north. East of the Chosin, the 80th Division, with one regiment of the 81st attached, would attack and destroy the army forces there. By November 29th, They realized the offensive was not going well. The forces at Yudam-ni had failed to break into the perimeter. That evening he changed his plan and shifted his principal effort to the 31st RCT east of the reservoir. He committed the two additional regiments of the 81st Division to the attack, with, possibly an additional regiment of the 90th Division.

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Lt. General
Nie Fengzhi

In September 1952 the 24th CCF Army replaced the 27th CCF Army and they rotated the 27th CCF Army back to China.