2 and 3 Star Chinese Generals in the Korean War - Page 1
3 Star Title is General --- 2 Star Title is Lt. General
Lt. General Du Ping General Hong Xuezhi General Nie Fengzhi General Song Shilun General Wu Ruilin General Zhang Renchu
1. Lt. General
Du Ping
2. General
Hong Xuezhi
3. Lt. General
Nie Fengzhi
4. General
Song Shilun
5. Lt. General
Wu Ruilin
6. Lt. General
Zhang Renchu
General Zhou Biao General Yang Dezhi General Chen Xilian General Deng Hua General Gan Siqi General Huang Yongsheng
7. Lt. General
Zhou Biao
8. General
Yang Dezhi
9. General
Chen Xilian
10. General
Deng Hua
11. General
Gan Siqi
12. General
Huang Yongsheng
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