General Wu Ruilin Chinese Military Leaders During the Korean War
5. Lieutenant General Wu Ruilin

Activities in Korean War

Born in Sichuan Province in 1915. He died in 1995. Commander of the 42nd Army of the PLA 4th field Army of the PLA 9th Army Group. They were engaged with the 1st Marine Division at Sudong on November 2, 1950. The 42nd Army consisted of:

124th Division,      125th Division,      126th Division,

On the eastern side of the Korean Peninsula two ROK divisions has seized Wonson on October 10th and advanced north. Mao Zedong assumed they would continue north through the Chosin Reservoir area, and then turn west. To protect the left flank of the Chinese forces facing the US 8th Army, he detailed the 42nd CCF Army to cross the mountains, move south, and engage the ROK Divisions. The 124th Division faced the 1st Marine Division at Sudong on November 2 and was rendered ineffective for the rest of the war.

In October 1952 the 46th CCF Army replaced the 42nd CCF Army and they rotated the 42nd CCF Army back to China.

Lt. General Wu Ruilin

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