Chinese Sniper Communist Forces in Korea
Chinese Sniper Zhang Taofang - Page 1

Sniper Zhang Taofang, CCF Sniper Allegedly scored 214 hits on UN troops in 32 days firing a Mosin Nagant 7.62mm carbine, without scope, this is an improbable accreditation, but stranger things have happened. Certainly the CCF weren't noted for their sniper capabilities, but was good enough so that nobody casually wandered around where they thought they might be under observation from unfriendly eyes. The "Underground Wall Of China" permitted snipers on forward slopes to man their positions until artillery actually began to fall, and then simply back into the tunnels behind them.

This Chinese propaganda photo below makes this point. As a rule, when assaults were made on enemy positions, stratagems such as time-on-target barrages fired after a period of inactivity long enough for the CCF to re-emerge from their holes tended to reduce the effectiveness of their responses.

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