Storing our Canned Foods

Best Place to Store Home Canned Foods - 3

The enemies of home canned foods are heat, light and time. You can defeat these enemies by storing your canned jars in the coolest and darkest places you have. Cellars can help but you must have a location that does not freeze. A temperature range of 50 F to 70 F is best. Food stored at temperatures higher than 70 F may lose some of its nourishing qualities. Freezing temperatures can cause the contents of a jar to freeze and expand, which in turn can break the seal or the jar. The location should not be damp either. Dampness can cause lids to corrode. Light speeds up oxidation and deteriorates some vitamins. It also cause food to fade in color. If not dark place is available store them in cupboards of boxes. You can defeat time by using your goods in a timely manner.

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