Western Hemlock

Trees Growing at Our Pleasant Hill Oregon Home

Western Hemlock

Tsuga heterophylla Coniferous evergreen tree. These are mostly gigantic trees with unusually graceful foliage. Best in acid soil with ample moisture, high summer humidity. Flowers open in late April or May, males dark crimson, females reddish purple, both about 1/8 inch long. Foliage has a strong smell when crushed. Needs protection from hot sun and wind. I discovered this seedling growing under the tall Douglas Firs in our big circle in 2000. It was about three foot high with vigorous growth. I think a bird has generously contributed this. There were no others in the area. We have transplanted about six more from the Cascade Mountains. By 2005 it has now grown to 7 feet high. It likes its home. By 2006 it has now grown to 12 feet high. Bernice, by contrast, stands 5 foot 2 inches high.

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