Sugar Pine

Trees Growing at Our Pleasant Hill Oregon Home

Sugar Pine

Pinus Lambertiana Large, very tall tree with a straight unbranched trunk for a long span and open, conical crown of long nearly horizontal branches, bearing giant cones near the ends; becoming flat-topped. Height: 100-160 feet. Diameter: 3-6 feet sometimes much larger. Needles: evergreen; 5 in bundle with sheath shedding first year; 2 3/4 to 4 inches long. Cones 11 to 18 inches. Range: Mountains from Western Oregon to Southern California. A major lumber species, Sugar Pine is one of the most beautiful and largest pines. We planted about 40 of these in 2006. Ours are about 8-10 inches high. By 2007 about 12 have survived their first year.

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