Dawn Redwood

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Dawn Redwood

Metasequoia glyptostroboides A deciduous conifer, native to China, of great interest to botanists as it is the only living member of a genus, which before 1944 was only described from fossils. It was discovered by Chinese scientists in 1941 and seeds were sent a few years later to the Arnold Arboretum from where it was distributed throughout North America and Europe. Grows to about 115ft (35m) in the wild. My son, Chet Noll gave us this tree as a gift and we planted it in 1997. It was then about 4-foot high. Needles turn beautiful reddish brown in autumn before falling. It is surrounded by daisies. In 2002 it grew to about 17 feet high. In 2003 it grew to about 25 feet. In 2007 it has grown to 35 feet. It is the tall one in the center.

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