Mo's Florence

Mo's Seafood Restaurant

1. Mo's Florence Oregon Coast

In the late seventies and early eighties, Mo's expanded to Lincoln City overlooking Siletz Bay; Florence on the Siuslaw River; and Cannon Beach with its ocean vista. Mo and her restaurants have been and continue to be written up in dozens of newspapers around the United States. She was very proud of the notoriety but most of all grateful for their popularity, and she gave back to the community. Mo gave herself completely, promoting "Newport the Friendliest," with her time, energy and money. That legacy continues to this day. Little did she dream that in 1999 Mo's Clam Chowder would be a featured entréee at the first luncheon ever held in the Smithsonian Institute, which celebrated "Best American Regional Foods." A trip to the Oregon Coast Coast is not complete without a stop at Mo's. We look forward to serving you!

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