Mo's Otter Crest

Mo's Seafood Restaurant

2. Mo's Otter Crest, Oregon Coast

The summer of 1968 also earmarked the opening of Mo's Annex, sister to the Original Mo's, across the street and overlooking Yaquina Bay. Four years later, in 1972, Mo's West at Devils Punchbowl in Otter Rock opened. By the mid-seventies, Mo was taking a less active role in the chowder business and was beginning to leave the nuts and bolts of management to her granddaughter, Cindy McEntee, who had been working in and around the restaurant since grade school. About this time the idea of packaging chowder base and selling it frozen to retail outlets was born. Since the early days, the atmosphere of Mo's has remained unchanged. The Chowder Room produces about 500,000 pounds of Clam Chowder a year, some packaged and shipped to grocery stores and the rest delivered fresh to all the Mo's restaurants.

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