Homophones, American English -- Page 1
A homophone are sets of words that:

1. Are pronounced the same as, but different in meaning from another, whether spelled the same or not." (bear, bare)
2. Note that some homophones are also homographs. (bear) -- Note that some homophones are also heteronyms. (lead)
1. ad short for advertisement
add to join
2. aid (n) a form of help (v) to help
aide an assistant
3. ail to be in ill health
ale a drink beer like
4. air oxygen
heir beneficiary
5. aisle passage between rows
I'll short for I will
isle island
6. aloud can be heard
allowed permitted
7. altar part of a church
alter to change
8. ant insect
aunt your mother's sister
9. arc something arched or curved
ark a ship; a place of safety
10. ate past tense of eat
eight a number
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