Homophones, American English -- Page 2
11. attendance your presence
attendants assistants
12. aught anything whatever
ought should
13. bad not good
bade an invitation
14. bail dip water; security
bale a bundle
15. bald head with no hair
bawled cried
16. ball round object, sphere
bawl crying
17. bare naked; to expose
bear an animal; to carry, to endure
18. bark a dog's cry
barque a sailing ship
19. baron title of nobility
barren lifeless; woman with no child
20. bass lower musical notes
base foundation; mean
21. bases plural of base and basis
basis foundation
22. beach sandy shoreline
beech type of tree
23. beat (n) throb; tempo (v) to strike
beet a vegetable.
24. be to exist, have life
bee honey producing insect
25. bell metallic musical instrument
belle a popular, attractive young lady
26. berry a fruit
bury to submerge; to cover over
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