Homophones, American English -- Page 3
27. berth a bed
birth being born
28. billed charged
build to construct
29. bizarre fantastic; extravagantly odd
bazaar a place for selling goods
30. blew past tense of blow
blue a color
31. bloc an interest group
block (n) a solid piece (v) to obstruct
32. board a flat piece of wood
bored wearied
33. boarder person paying for meals and lodging
border edge
34. bolder more daring
boulder a large rock
35. boll raw cotton
bowl a dish
36. bore to drill a hole; to fatigue with dullness
boar a wild pig
37. bough a tree branch
bow to bend at the knee
38. boy a male child
buoy a float
39. braid to interweave fiber
brayed cry of horse
40. bread food
bred brought up
41. break an opening; to shatter or divide
brake a retarding device; to retard
42. bridal concerning the bride or wedding
bridle means to control horse
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