Homophones, American English -- Page 4
43. broach to open; to introduce
brooch ornamental clasp
44. bullion uncoined gold or silver
bouillon broth
45. burro a beast of burden
burrow animal's hole the ground
46. but on the contrary
butt to hit with your head
47. buy purchase
by next to; close to
bye short for goodbye
48. cannon artillery piece
canon a law or code
49. canvas heavy course cloth material
canvass to examine; to survey
50. capital city serving as seat of government
capitol building where the legislature meets
51. carat unit of weight used to describe gemstones
karat a unit of purity of gold
carrot a root vegetable
52. carol a song of joy
carrel a study booth
53. cash ready money
cache a hiding place
54. cast to throw; to hurl
caste levels of society in India
55. cede to grant; to give up
seed that from which a plant grows
56. ceiling top of a room
sealing closing
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