Paul and Lewis Ke at SIAS University Entrance Visit to Lewis Ke Family, Countryside
2. Lewis Ke, and Paul at SIAS University

Lewis was one of the most faithful students to come to our apartment for English talking and so we became even better acquainted. We would spend several evenings a week just talking and letting him improve his oral speaking. Bernice and I encouraged students to come and talk when they could. As the weather got colder I noticed that he did not have a very warm jacket. He claimed that being cold made him even stronger. Bernice and I had purchased down filled coats from a tailor in town. It is difficult to get large size clothes that will fit foreigners in China. The next time we went into town we went to the tailor and had him make one for Lewis. The tailor understood what we were doing and he cut the price in half for Lewis's coat. He is wearing that coat in this picture.

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