50. Chinese Nationalities (Monba Minority) (Monpa)-- Minorities by Descending Populations

Monba Family Monba Gentleman Monba Gentleman
The wife presents wine to see her husband off, a Monba custom. The Monba hunt with poisoned arrows in Tibet's Motuo county. Monba Lady

Monba Nationality (Moinba) (Mongba)

The Monba nationality has a population of 7,500. They mainly live in Tibet Autonomous Region. The ethnic group has a long history. Their history was recorded on a stele that was erected in front of the Jokhang Temple in 823AD. The Moinba people speak a language belonging to the Tibetan-Burmese group of the Chinese-Tibetan language family. They have no written language. Agriculture is Moinba people's main occupation. They mainly grow rice. Some of the Monba people are huntsmen. The Monba are mountain herders. They have a way of life, culture and language similar to the Tibetans and are lama Buddhists. The Monba are found in Tibet to the east of the Bhutan border.

The Monba are known for wood carving, Thangka painting, carpet making and weaving. They manufactured paper from the pulp of the local sukso tree. A printing press can be found in the Tawang monastery, where many religious books are printed on local paper and wooden blocks, usually meant for literate Monba Lamas, who use it for their personal correspondence and conducting religious rituals. They are known for their wooden bowls and bamboo woven products. Principal Monba festivals include Choskar harvest, Losar, Ajilamu and Torgya. During Losar, people would generally pray pilgrimage at the Tawang monastery to pray for the coming of the Tibetan New Year. The Pantomime dances are the principle feature of Ajilamu.

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