Zhou Cang - 24

Zhou Cang Number 24

Opera "Huarong Path"

Zhou Cang with a tile-gray flowered Ingot face plays a part in "Huarong Path." Zhou Cang was an officer under Guan Yu and a great warrior. At Huarong Path his thunderous shouts struck terror into the hearts of Cao Cao and his men.

Zhou Cang was described as "dark complexioned, tall, and has a stiff curly beard." Originally a Yellow Turban rebel, Zhou Cang was a bandit on Mt. Wo Niu who, after meeting the respected Guan Yu, decided to follow him. He was active under Guan Yu's command. Zhou Cang was a skillful waterman who was an expert in boat navigation. Swimming was also his specialty. He committed suicide when he saw Guan Yu's beheaded head.

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