Xiahou Dun - 25

Xiahou Dun Number 25

Opera "Bowang Slope"

Xiahou Dun with a blue pointer three-tile face can be found in the opera "Bowang Slope." One of Cao Cao's relative from Qiao who was a fearsome general. Xiahou Dun had been trained from his early boyhood to use the spear and the club. When only fourteen he had been attached to a certain master-in-arms. One day one person spoke disrespectfully of his master, and Xia Houdun killed that person. For this deed, however, he had to flee and had been an exile for some time. When Cao Cao called for volunteers to fight Dong Zhuo, Xiahou Dun joined Cao Cao with his cousin, Xiahou Yuan. He was relied heavily on by Cao Cao and called the one-eyed brave warrior. During his service, he was one of Cao Cao's most trusted men and had saved his master from danger many times.

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