General Chen Xilian Chinese Military Leaders During the Korean War
9. General Chen Xilian

Background and History

Chen Xilian (1915- ) Born in Huang'an County (Hong'an today), Hubei Province. Joined in the Red Army in 1929. Joined CCP in 1930. During the period of Land Revolution, he was the Political Director of the Thirtieth Corps of the Tenth Division of the Fourth Army; the Political Initiator and Comsomol Political Commissar of the Thirty-third Corps; the Vice- Division Commander and Political Commissar of the Eleventh Division of the Fourth Army; the Division Commander of the Tenth Division. In the wartime, he was the Colonel of the 679 Corps, Vice- brigadier and Brigadier of the 385 Brigade, also Commander of the 3rd Military Area in Taihang Mountain. In the civil war, he was the commander of the 3rd Column in Shanxi, Hebei, Henan and Shandong Provinces. Also Commander of the 2nd Field Army. Later, he became mayor of Chongqing City for a short period. He was the Commander of Artillery and President of PLA Artillery College. Then he became the Party Secretary of Northeast Section; Commander of Beijing Military Area; Vice-Prime Minister of State Department. They awarded him the military rank of General in 1955. He became a member of the 1st Council, a delegate in 7-time National Congress, and advisor of CCP Advisory Committee.

General Chen Xilian

Activities in Korean War

General Chen Xilian was the Commander of the PLA Artillery Force.

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