Courtship and Mating of Birds
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
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Courtship Strategies
  1. Bird Courtship Displays
  2. Bird Courtship Nests
  3. Bird Courtship Feeding
  4. Bird Courtship Singing
  5. Bird Communal Display Grounds
Mating Strategies
  1. Bird Mating Systems
  2. Bird Monogamy Mating
  3. Bird Polygamy and Polyandry Mating
  4. Bird Promiscuity Mating
  5. Bird Lek Mating
  6. Extremes within a Family
  7. Bird Communal Breeding

A bird without a mate is a bird without offspring. Because natural selection has placed the burden on each bird to leave descendants, birds have evolved into creatures that use a variety of methods to meet the challenge of providing the next generation.

Courtship and mating rituals are among the most varied and fascinating of all bird behaviors. The sequence and variety of courting behaviors vary widely among species, but they typically begin with territorial defense and song followed by mate-attraction displays, courtship feeding, and selection of a nest site.