Canning Problems and Solutions - Page 1

Condition Cause Solution
1. Food darkens at top of jar 1. Liquid didn't cover contents
2. Not processed long enough to inactivate enzymes.
3. Packing and processing didn't expel enough air.
4. Headspace too large or air bubbles not removed
1. Completely cover food with liquid.
2. Process according to recommended times.
3. Use recommended method of processing.
4. Use recommended headspace. Use tool to remove trapped air.
2. Fruit darkens after removed from jar. 1. Fruit was not processed long enough to inactivate enzymes. 1. Process recommended time. Time starts after a rolling boil.
3. Corn turns brown after processing. 1. Variety of corn not suitable or not harvested at the right time.
2. Liquid did not cover corn.
3. Processed at too high temperature.
1. Use varieties suitable for canning and choose ears with plump, shiny kernels.
2. over corn with liquid before putting on 2-piece lids.
2. Keep pressure canner at recommended pounds of pressure. Check dial gauge may be faulty.
4. Crystals in grape products 1. Formed by tartaric acid naturally found in grapes. 1. Let strained grape juice to stand overnight. Ladle out juice without disturbing
2. sediments settled to the bottom. Strain again.

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