Bird Migration and Navigation
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  1. Why Migrate?
  2. Evolution of Migration
  3. Patterns of Migration
    1. Waterfowl
    2. Shorebirds
    3. Seabirds
    4. Land Birds
    5. Choosing the Route
  1. Mechanics of Migration
    1. Grouping Together or Going it Alone
    2. Timing it Right
    3. Fueling for the Journey
    4. Ascending the Heights
    5. Checking the Weather
    6. The Wind Factor
    7. Trends in Migration
  1. Getting Back Home
    1. Finding the Way Home
    2. Great Navigators
    3. Sun Compass
    4. Star Compass
    5. Magnetic Compass
    6. Biological Maps
    1. Navigation Techniques
    2. Migrating Altitudes
Tundra Swans
Twice a year North Americans can mark the change of seasons by the passage of birds, whether the hopeful song of spring's first Robin or the distant cackling of geese high overhead on a fall night. These Tundra Swans fly more than 2,000 miles across the continent to nest along remote Tundra ponds.